GREENSBORO, N.C. — Syngenta spent two days to show North America employees, ag retailers, distributors, media and special guests what the company is accomplishing in integrating its full agricultural operations worldwide. Additionally, Syngenta managers explained new products and the pipeline of global successes.

The “Demonstration Days” in the Greensboro Coliseum and Meeting Center were also titled “Insights into Syngenta’s new strategy.” Approximately 400 persons were on hand Wednesday, and a similarly large crowd was planned for Thursday.

The crowds are being broken into 10 groups that switch among educational stops to hear about Syngenta’s agricultural business structure and solving problems for growers of specific crops with new products. The breakout groups listened to presentations about the company’s “backbone” and nine areas of focus—soybean, vegetables, corn, specialty crops, sugar cane, rice, oilseeds, cereals and lawn and garden.

“We want to change our way of thinking and thereby our ways of working,” said David Morgan, Syngenta regional director, North America. “Rather than just thinking about we created this product now who will buy it. We want more of a dialogue and understanding with the growers about growing crops and what it takes to be successful in growing a crop from the time it is planted to the time it is harvested and beyond.”

He said the employees have the goal and responsibility to look at how to help growers by understanding their business. They must look at agriculture as a whole with a new thought process of “what technology have we got, or we can access or collaborate on and how can we bring that technology to bear in addressing challenges the grower has.”

He noted that the “research community has moved well down that path because they don’t start off with the technology they start off with the problem.”