Syngenta has made a lot of noise about reorganizing its operations in the U.S. into an integrated approach so that there aren’t separate divisions serving customer needs and that all operations are unified in a corporate plan.

Most ag retailers and farmers in the U.S. feel that this country is unique and, therefore, reorganized integration would probably only pertain to the U.S. and not be a business plan for other nations and areas of the world.

Apparently that isn’t the case as pointed out by Mike Mack, Syngenta chief executive officer, in a news release from the Syngenta International AG media office. Talking about North America and Europe, he is quoted as saying, “The implementation of our integrated strategy is proceeding rapidly and we are already seeing benefits in the leverage of our portfolio and the commercial organization. This underpins our confidence that we will continue to outperform an expanding market.”

Syngenta proudly proclaims it is doing business in 90 countries of the world, and there are various marketing systems for delivery of product to the end user.