Syngenta is rebranding the existing Garst and Golden Harvest corn seed brands and will launch a revised Golden Harvest brand—with a refreshed look and identity—as the single corn seed brand starting with the 2014 season. Syngenta’s corn seed will be Golden Harvest and NK brands only.

“We respect the rich history and heritage of both the Garst and Golden Harvest brands,” said Colin Steen, head of the dealer channel commercial unit for Syngenta in North America. “But we’re in a position now where we can better serve our customers by bringing them together under a single corn brand.”

Syngenta soybeans will continue to be marketed and sold by Syngenta seed advisors and ag retailers under the NK brand, and NK corn hybrids will continue to be sold through ag retailers. In addition, Syngenta seed advisors will continue to sell alfalfa, sugarbeets, sunflowers and wheat seed.

The new, single corn brand for the dealer/seed advisor channel streamlines logistics, from packaging and ordering through inventory and delivery. “Combined with numerous operational improvements we’ve made, we’ll be able to give growers quicker and better access to products they want,” said Steen.

A new logo and numbering system for Golden Harvest hybrids will be in place for summer 2013 trials and the 2014 planting season. It provides simple and transparent identification of relative maturities, and incorporates elements of the former Garst numbering system for existing hybrids, while also aligning with many of the newer Golden Harvest hybrids. Syngenta will provide an easy-to-use conversion tool for growers who have planted Garst and Golden Harvest corn to match new brand numbers with the former ones.

Since 2004, Syngenta had been focusing on building a diverse genetic portfolio fueled through genetics from Garst, Golden Harvest, and NK brand breeding programs. In addition to building a strong genetic platform, Syngenta has added a trait portfolio including Agrisure GT, Agrisure RW, Agrisure Viptera, Agrisure Artesian, Agrisure Duracade and Enogen that were incorporated into both brands of corn seed products.

As these new, high-performance hybrids and traits flowed out of Syngenta research and development in recent years, they were offered through both the Garst and Golden Harvest corn seed brands. Moving to a single corn seed brand will also mirror the evolution from separate Garst and Golden Harvest seed dealers to a single Syngenta seed advisor network.

Syngenta also announced a new approach within its dealer channel that focuses on growing and strengthening its network of seed advisors. The company said it plans to give seed advisors more tools than ever to help farmers produce higher, more profitable yields, working in conjunction with the hybrid seed brands and Syngenta crop protection portfolio.

As trait, seed treatment and crop protection options have multiplied, no decision is more essential than choosing the right seed, Steen contends.

“On a local farm, a Syngenta seed advisor can help simplify decisions,” Steen explained. “For example, based on pressure from rootworm or other insects, he can recommend the right trait package but also understands when a seed treatment or soil insecticide may help boost crop performance.

“While most seed advisors don’t sell crop protection products, their broad agronomic expertise combined with local knowledge can really help a grower put the right pieces together in an integrated way,” he said.

Steen added, “We have the high-performance products and technology—genetics, traits, seed treatments and crop protection—to help farmers grow more corn and soybeans. Growing our network of Syngenta seed advisors and simplifying our branding in the dealer channel will help us deliver the right tools, service and expertise to growers.”

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