Syngenta continues track record of providing valued-added service for growers and consultants through the toll-free Pest Patrol hotline, (877) 285-8525. And, given the exceptionally mild winter and predicted increased insect pressure, this tool could prove valuable in the war on pests.

Hotline gives scouts advantage over pests
Currently in its third season, the Pest Patrol hotline, text message alert program, and Web site provide growers and consultants convenient access to recorded updates about pest pressures, treatment recommendations, and field conditions from expert university entomologists. With real-time pest alerts, scouts can help growers customize their insect management plans to fit the conditions in their specific region.

Updated Pest Patrol website
Understanding the nature of constant technological evolution, Syngenta has enhanced the Pest Patrol Web site,, to be compatible with most mobile devices for the 2012 season. Web site visitors can:

  • Register to receive text message alerts each time a chosen researcher posts a new update to the Pest Patrol hotline (877) 285-8525.
  • Listen to archived audio files for all Pest Patrol updates.
  • Find information on the fit of Syngenta insecticides such as Centric, Endigo ZC and Besiege insecticides in a sound insect-management plan.

John Koenig, Syngenta insecticide asset lead, voiced his excitement about the continued expansion and benefits the Syngenta Pest Patrol Program brings to growers and consultants.

“Since its inception three years ago, the Syngenta Pest Patrol Program has grown continuously, and this year we are very pleased to add the expertise of five new entomologists to the program,” he said. “Not only have we increased entomologist participation, but we are also expanding the program into Mo., Neb., Iowa, Ohio, Ill., and Minn.” These expansions, and the fact that the website is now mobile-friendly will allow even more growers and consultants to take advantage of the benefits that timely and localized information can make in a pest management program.”

2012 Pest Patrol Team
All universities that participated in 2011 have agreed to continue their support, and five new entomologists have joined the Pest Patrol Team for 2012.

David Kerns, Ph.D., Louisiana State University Agricultural Center
Gus Lorenz, Ph. D., University of Arkansas
Angus Catchot, Ph.D., Mississippi State University - new for 2012
Scott Stewart, Ph.D., University of Tennessee - new for 2012
Ron Smith, Ph. D., Auburn University - new for 2012

Jeremy Greene, Ph.D., Clemson University
Ames Herbert, Ph.D., Virginia Tech University
Jack Bacheler, Ph.D., N.C. State University
Phillip Roberts, Ph.D., University of Georgia - new for 2012

Clyde Crumley, Texas A&M University
Chris Sansone, Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Monti Vandiver, Texas A&M University - new for 2012