A recent survey that might be taken with a grain of salt reveals that companies are not leveraging the most effective lead generation techniques.

The report, appropriately titled “Lead Generation Methods from Inside Sales.com,” finds that inside sales, executive events and telemarketing are the most effective lead generation techniques. This survey was not focused at agricultural audiences but indicates what the business-to-business consumer seems to be saying.

OCSS Smartcenter provided what it calls critical research discoveries as follows:

  • Most Efffective Marketing Methods—Inside sales is the highest rated method for generating leads, followed by executive events and telemarketing.
  • Underused Marketing Methods—Despite their effectiveness, executive events and telemarketing are only used by one-third of the study respondents.
  • Most Common Marketing Methods—Company websites, e-mail and tradeshows are highly effective at generating leads.
  • Social Media Methods—Social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinteest are the least effective for generating leads. But, LinkedIn and Facebook have more than 50 percent adoption among those surveyed.

What would seem to be appropriate for ag businesses based on this survey information is that companies should “embrace social media” but not fall head-over-heels in love with it and certainly not ignore it. The start would seem to be focusing on LinkedIn and Facebook for now.

Having a professional website that is kept fresh with new information and links is critical, and finally the use of e-mail, whether in e-newsletters or other forms, does the job in communicating and generating leads.