The outlook for U.S. sunflower production is bright as growers capitalize on expanding opportunities. The future of the industry along with market demand, grower challenges and solutions will be addressed in a series of meetings as the National Sunflower Association (NSA) convenes for its annual Summer Seminar next week in North Dakota.

The Summer Seminar represents an opportunity for industry collaboration. Syngenta announced that Bill Gilbert, who is new to the National Sunflower Association board of directors, will be on hand to share insights, discuss product performance and highlight developments for the 2014 growing season, including new products with increased downy mildew protection and cutworm control.

“Last year we introduced Unistand, a unique and proprietary seed pelleting technology that significantly improved planting efficiency for growers,” Gilbert said. “Next year we’ll be poised to help farmers better manage their crop with the introduction of new brands, including Besiege insecticide and CruiserMaxx Sunflower plus Bion seed treatment insecticide/fungicide.  By equipping growers with new tools, we are making it easier than ever to grow more sunflowers.”

With new hybrids and crop protection products, sunflower growers are receiving ag industry attention like never before so that they have more tools to help make sunflowers a crop they can rely on for return on investment year after year.