Bob Tatnall, P.E., promises to solve any diesel equipment operators' concerns about corrosion, sludge and fouling from the use of ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel during a one-hour interactive webinar.

It should be noted that the webinar is sponsored by Fuel Right, a fuel additive company. Tatnall is promoted as a nationally recognized expert in microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC) and middle distillate fuels. “During his 30-year tenure at DuPont, Bob focused on solving issues related to MIC. In 1995 Bob started Fairville Products, which led to the defelopment of Fuel Right, a multi-purpose fuel system treatment that is effective at preventing corrosion and sludge in fuel tanks, fleets and generators systems.”

Other speakers will be Stan Smith, an experienced tank cleaner and fuel polisher, and Arden Steiner, an experienced fuel dealer to the agricultural industry.

Tatnall says they will teach participants about common myths, testing and treatment options associated with ULDS:

  • Types of sludge and corrosion
  • Properties of ULDS
  • Fuel testing
  • Fuel instability
  • Fuel polishing
  • Tank cleaning
  • Microbial test kits
  • Biocides
  • Water removers
  • Filming amines
  • High volume tanks

The free Fuel Right webinar is planned for August 1 with Session 1 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. (EST) and Session 2 (live repeat) from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. (EST). Registration and questions have to be directed to e-mail or calling 813-877-4665.