The adoption of Smartphones and their Apps is on the rise with the agriculture industry, according to a recent Web poll conducted by The poll asked how important Smartphone Apps are to agribusinesses. Forty-four percent voted that Apps are somewhat important now and will be of bigger importance in the future.

Despite the rapid adoption of Smartphones, some who voted in this poll did not see the value in Apps. Twenty-six percent voted that Smartphone Apps were not very important to their business and likely won’t be in the future. That seems to be a pretty strong statement about the use of a technology that many say improves their business.

Comments provided along with the poll included those who support the use of Apps.

“If you don't think Smartphone technology is important today, and will grow in importance, talk to your customers under the age of 40,” said James Reiss. “Stand in a meeting and watch crop specialists using their smart phones. They're not all playing Angry Birds. In fact I doubt few are. They are sourcing, receiving and sharing information.

“You might be very surprised what the over 40 crowd has to say as well. My father is over 70 and loves getting grain market updates on his phone so that he can make marketing decisions. It's just the beginning.”

Reiss isn’t alone in his praise of using Smartphones for the ag retail industry.

“I would have killed for a weather radar App 30 years ago when I was doing soil sampling for a regional lab. It is so nice to be able to look at a phone and see what the weather is going to do in the next hour. And to use the navigation App and get right to where you're going,” said Kevin Nelson.

In the remainder of the results, 19 percent voted that Apps are very important now and will be more so in the future. In addition, 7 percent voted that Apps are somewhat important now, and 5 percent voted they didn’t know if Apps were important now or would be in the future.