For the past four years, AgGateway has invited college students to apply for grants to attend the AgGateway Annual Conference through the Gateway to Ag Careers (GTAC) program. This year seven students were awarded grants to attend the AgGateway conference. The conference is next week in Albuquerque, N.M.

Personal essays were submitted by an large number of students, which AgGateway termed we overwhelming response. The AgGateway GTAC program began in 2009 to provide students majoring in ag and IT related majors a chance to participate in the conference and to provide awareness of the many opportunities available to them within the ag industry.

Grants were awarded to the following students: Logan Bourhis, University of Regina; Caroline Bremer, Oklahoma State University; Artem Chernyak, Missouri University of Science & Technology; Emily Flory, Iowa State University; Kelly Gonsior, Western Governors University; Mark McKown, University of Illinois; and Blaine Nelsen, University of Minnesota.

Sponsors of the program this year, included AgGateway breakout groups, and companies. Sponsors were AgCIO Roundtable (3 students), AGIIS/AgGateway (2 students), CSC and Winfield Solutions.