A settlement between Monsanto and wheat growers has been delayed until Nov. 12, according to a report from Capital Press. The delay is one of several that have occurred since the announcement that the growers and Monsanto were finalizing a settlement in September.

Originally, Monsanto and the farmers announced they’d reached a settlement in early September. The settlement was to be submitted Sept. 29 to U.S. Magistrate Judge Karen Humphreys, but the disclosure of the settlement was delayed first to Oct. 20 and then to Nov. 3 and now to Nov. 12, Capital Press reported.

Soft white wheat growers filed multiple lawsuits against Monsanto in 2013 after an Oregon farmer discovered wheat in his field that resisted applications of glyphosate. It was determined that the wheat was an experimental variety of glyphosate-resistant wheat that Monsanto had experimented with and then abandoned many years ago.

After the discovery of the wheat was announced, Japan and South Korea temporarily suspended imports of wheat. Wheat growers claim this caused the price of wheat to decrease and cost them millions of dollars in lost revenue.