Servi-Tech announced it is launching its new online marketing services to businesses in any geographic location. The company has been testing its model with several clients for the past year is ready for a full-scale launch.

Services that Servi-Tech will offer include social media set-up and management, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, along with video production and other marketing techniques.

“All businesses need to do a better job of telling their story,” said Mitch Counce, Servi-Tech CEO. “Correctly utilizing online media tools is the most effective way of educating and reaching people concerning their food choices.”

Although Servi-Tech does emphasize agricultural companies, the service is being offered to any industry.

“Agriculture has to be its own voice to tell of the advances and ways it makes the planet more productive,” said Mark Vierthaler, director of communications. “In the past, agriculture has allowed others to be its voice. We can’t do that anymore.”