Did you notice discolored, mottled or dead soybean leaves during the growing season?

For many growers who planted early, the cooler, wetter weather after planting set up many fields across the Midwest for a higher incidence of Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS).

Experiencing SDS and other diseases, including brown stem root (BSR) and Phytophthora root rot (PRR), firsthand can make a big impact on a grower's variety selection for the 2015 growing season.

Growers typically observe symptoms of SDS and BSR late in the growing season. The pathogens, however, infect soybeans as seedlings. According to the University of Wisconsin, there are no in-season management options for these diseases; and once they are in your fields, it is difficult to eradicate them.

"It is important for growers to have a basic understanding of the agronomic issues found in their fields," said Doug Tigges, soybean genetics product manager at Syngenta. "Pathogens for diseases like SDS, BSR and PRR stay in the soil even after crop rotations. Growers who are returning to soybeans in 2015 should consider planting varieties that have resistance packages for these diseases if they have been previously identified."

Because varieties resistant to one disease may be susceptible to others, Purdue University researchers encourage growers to identify all diseases in the field. But disease tolerance is only one of several factors growers should consider when choosing soybean varieties.

According to the University of MisGood morning Stephanie,souri, maturity, standability and, of course, yield are also important attributes for seed. In fact, Iowa State University research has shown that one soybean variety has the potential to out-yield another by
15 to 20 bushels per acre in the same field.

NK soybeans are tailored to a range of growing conditions and offer a wide selection of high-yielding varieties with built-in resistance to common diseases, including SDS, BSR and PRR. For relative maturities 1.5 to 4.5, NK soybeans offers 30 varieties with above average SDS resistance ratings. "When selecting seed, first look at varieties that are high yielding and then double check that they have the right resistance packages for your field," said Tigges.

Syngenta celebrates 45 years of NK soybean milestones. To learn more about NK soybean varieties, visit www.NKSoybeans.com.