During the Independent Professional Seed Association Annual Conference in Indianapolis, CP Bio Energy announced two new national programs for the management of discarded seed of all varieties, including treated seed, regulated seed and any other seed types that create disposal challenges.

The first program is for the purchase of corn, sorghum, barley and wheat for the production of ethanol. The resulting co-products (DDGs and stillage) will be processed through the on-site anaerobic digester, where bio-gas is captured and utilized to power the ethanol plant. The second program relates to all other seed types (treated or not), which are placed directly into anaerobic digestion units across the country. These products will be utilized in the production of bio-methane to produce renewable electricity. Both programs assure you that discard seed (treated or regulated seed) is managed properly, without entering the food or feed chain.


CPBE currently has discard seed contracts with several regional and national companies, and delivery has already been taken on over 200 trailer loads of seed in the Nebraska warehouse. They can accept seed in any form, from bags and other containers to bulk shipments. With the seed discard season underway, CP Bio Energy has the programs and capacity to meet all your needs through an integrated, environmentally-responsible, domestically-based solution.


Please utilize the contact information below to reach CP Bio Energy and discuss your needs regarding seed disposal. They have abundant warehouse space to address the seasonality of seed discard, as well as relationships with all major freight companies to provide prompt service.


Contact the Alan Smith of CPBE at asmith@cprecycl.com or call 734-735-6802 or Greg Ruehle, CEO of IPSA to get more information regarding these programs for your operations today. Thank you or your time and interest.