The Scoular Company announced the acquisition of the Pisgah Cooperative Grain Company's elevator in Pisgah, Ill. The Pisgah site joins Scoular's three other central Illinois locations: a shuttle facility outside of Waverly and country elevators in Waverly and Palmyra. Terms of the June 25, 2014, transaction were not disclosed.

Glen Hofbauer, Scoular's senior manager who oversees the company's Illinois operations, said Scoular will continue the co-op's commitment to area farmers. "Scoular is a 120-year old agribusiness company with a history of working with farmers and operating grain elevators since our start in 1892," said Hofbauer. "We're looking forward to building upon the success established by the Pisgah management, staff, and directors."

"Many thanks to our customers who helped us grow this business over the years," said Marc Ginder, president of the Pisgah Cooperative Grain Company's board of directors. "I am confident that Scoular will continue to serve the central Illinois market competitively and provide for our area farmers like we always have."

"We're glad to have Pisgah as a permanent part of our operation," said Dustin Loseke, manager of the Pisgah, Waverly, and Palmyra facilities. "With this acquisition, we'll be able to expand the range of our grain program to area farmers and provide our customers with another competitive destination for their grain this fall."

"Our network of diverse locations, products, and services allows us to connect farmers to opportunities locally, nationally, or globally," said Hofbauer. "We can also leverage Scoular's size, experience, and expertise to bring new marketing opportunities to our customers."

Scoular is buying grain for both the Pisgah and Waverly locations.