STILLWATER, OK (May 6, 2011)  –  The Innovation Lab at SST Software announced its FarmRite customers using SST Summit Professional will have the ability to preview and order in-season satellite imagery products from RapidEye to help identify nutrient needs, recognize potential risks and devise solutions supporting this season’s crops.

RapidEye, the only geospatial solutions provider to own and operate a constellation of five identical earth observation satellites, has begun tasking satellites to acquire imagery across the more than 50 million acres of crop land being managed with SST Software products.  RapidEye is beginning to deliver timely, repeatable field level imagery through the Premium Services portal in SST Summit Professional.  Users will preview the variability of available field imagery, purchase only those considered valuable and download them as useable, agX compliant, data layers.

Doug Weist with FarmTech in Montana knows there are many opportunities where in-season imagery can help identify areas where nutrients will benefit crops the greatest and recognize potential crop risks. “We have found crop density maps to work really well… Processed imagery helps identify zones for tissue sampling, which is used to calibrate the image data. Next, application maps are created to address differences in nitrogen across the field.”  Service providers using this type of imagery are enabled to identify field level solutions and apply them before folks without imagery may even recognized a need exists and with a lot less time in the field. 

Matt Waits, vice president, SST Software has been looking forward to this for some time. “We are excited to have completed the integration of the RapidEye offering and have been thrilled with the feedback we are hearing from Growers benefiting from RapidEye imagery products.” With the recent release of Weather functionality and other integration efforts underway it is clear SST Software is committed to ensuring their customers have access to the best the industry has to offer. “With agricultures increasing demand for information products to help make informed decisions from collected data, we are excited to be helping service providers focus on the needs and expectations of their growers. Using our software and services, providers have access to tools that improve decisions and impact crop productivity through all growth stages and we look forward to announcing additional products, features, and partnerships soon.”

Repeatability is a major advantage with the products RapidEye is integrating with SST Summit.  “Tasking our satellites to regularly acquire images over the field boundary footprint of SST Software will greatly improve our ability to deliver immediately valuable imagery based on customer demand.” said Clint Graumann, head of direct sales at RapidEye.  Clint expressed eager anticipation about the delivery of RapidEye products via SST Summit’s Premium Services adding “We regularly talk with progressive service providers already using SST Software products and services, it only makes sense for us to offer our products directly to the folks most likely to understand how to put it to use for the benefit of the Growers they support, SST Software has provided a platform these growers are already using.”

For more information about getting access to and purchasing RapidEye imagery products within SST Summit visit Premium Services.

If you are a grower and purchasing in-season imagery is of interest to you, contact your service provider and ask them to contact SST Software at 888.377.5334 to have the RapidEye imagery product assigned to their FarmRite account.