Rotam CropSciences Ltd. has received the new registration of its product Abacus V with abamectin, a miticide/insecticide, in California. The state recently mandated a reduction in volatile organic compound (VOC) emission for all crop protection products with more than 30 percent volatility.

The new Abacus V successfully conserves the same concentration of active ingredient (1.8 percent) in the same EC formulation and maintains the efficacy for the molecule as well as the accustomed protective characteristics that farmers were familiar with, according to the company.

Rotam researchers explored a variety of approaches to meet the new guidelines and, in the end, decided to formulate a new abamectin product that not only exceeded the regulation requirements but also alleviated grower concerns. With lower VOC, Abacus V has the same effectiveness as the original abamectin products along with the same rate of application.

“Growers can rest assured that the improved Abacus V product will meet their crop protection needs,” the announcement noted.