Rivulis Irrigation is the new company name of the entity replacing John Deere Water. Recently acquired by FIMI Opportunity Funds, Rivulis Irrigation is transitioning rapidly to meet the needs of customers in an ever-changing irrigation market.

The name Rivulis, Latin for “stream”, signifies the company’s commitment to delivering efficient drip and mirco irrigation solutions that enable growers to optimize their water usage and crop yields.

“This transition will be much more than a change of name and logo. We intend to pursue
a clear strategy to more effectively meet the needs of growers,” says Richard Klapholz, newly
appointed CEO of Rivulis Irrigation. “Rivulis becomes among the strongest players in the
irrigation industry from day one, with a wide range of premium drip and micro irrigation
products and a single ownership structure with very strong and sound financial backing. And
although we enjoy an extensive global footprint, there is still a large opportunity for growth.”

The company now has its headquarters in Israel, but will take a regional approach to
business, enabling solutions to be tailored directly to individual countries and markets. The
North American management team based in San Diego will be responsible for developing go-tomarket products and solutions specifically for the unique needs of the local markets in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

The Rivulis North America team will be led by Barbara Booth who has recently been
appointed as the President for the region. Barbara joins the Rivulis Irrigation team with 10 years of experience in the irrigation industry, holding positions in different senior management roles on a global scale. Barbara Booth noted: “Our name is new to the industry but our experience is quite the contrary. Through the legacy companies and the through the John Deere Water era, Rivulis Irrigation has over 60 years of experience. Rivulis Irrigation will honor this long history by continuing to deliver high quality irrigation solutions under brands such as T-Tape, Ro-Drip, D5000 drip lines, F2000 Filter and S2000 Sprinkler, among others. Most importantly, there has been no down time in the transition. We look forward to continuing to serve our dealers and growers through quality, innovation and support.”