The Washington Post reports plans for water cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay are being “hit by opponents from both the left and right.”

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation sued the Environmental Protection Agency in 2008 for “failing to restore the watershed under the Clean Water Act,” and it questions if the EPA is doing enough in forcing states to do specific cleanup measures.

The American Farm Bureau Federation is referred to as the “right” because it has filed its lawsuit arguing that the EPA has overstepped its authority to require states to do specific pollution-control measures as defined by the federal agency.

On the “left” is the Food and Water Watch that wants to stop “nutrient trading.” And there is in-fighting among left-leaning groups about trying to stop nutrient trading practices. The trading concept is that if a farmer reduces measured nutrient runoff then those clean-up credits can be purchased by a city or business to offset not having to reduce their nutrient pollution.

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