Novus Ag, a farm products supply company based in Milford Center, Ohio, serving farmers in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana, now represents what it contends are needed environmentally friendly fertilizers and crop protection products to deal with issues of polluting watersheds.

“Especially for us here in Ohio with the issues of the Lake Erie Watershed, the use of environmentally friendly products in agriculture has become more of an issue in crop production. It has become a factor and we want to be on the leading edge of that to deliver innovative products and solutions to our customers,” said Doug Hasting, Vice President of Novus Ag. That is why Novus Ag is offering Performance Nutrition’s whole green approach and products to address issues for its growers.

The move to offering what are claimed to be biodegradable micronutrients, seed treatments, fertilizer additives, and products for improved water efficiency with reduced leaching have received a boost with environmental activists blaming algae blooms in the Great Lakes on farmers using conventional farming methods.   

“Our mission at Novus Ag is to provide growers with the best agronomic recommendations and timely information to manage their business more effectively,” said Novus Ag’s Brad Rivers.