Rentech Nitrogen Partners, L.P. announced the completion of repairs to the foundation of one of the four syngas compressors at the East Dubuque Facility in Illinois. With the completion of the repairs and the ammonia expansion project, the facility is now producing ammonia at a steady rate of approximately 1,020 tons per day, compared to approximately 830 tons per day before the expansion project. The repairs were completed approximately one week ahead of schedule. The costs of the repairs were below the previously announced cost estimate of $2 million.

The expanded production rate is a result of the successful completion of the ammonia capacity expansion project in December 2013, which is also estimated to have been completed below our previously forecasted cost estimate of approximately $100 million. The ammonia capacity expansion project included the installation of a 20,000 ton ammonia storage tank, bringing on-site ammonia storage capacity to 60,000 tons. The Partnership will provide the final costs of both projects when all project costs have been accounted for and finalized.