Renk Seeds announced an expansion of its facilities in Sun Prairie, Wis. This expansion will add 150 percent more bulk storage capacity, 45 percent more warehouse space and include a soybean processing building that will double bagging capacity.

"When you have been in business as long as our company is you have to invest in your facilities," Alex Renk explains. This addition is meant to handle added sales volume and equally importantly to speed up bagging so product can be shipped out on quicker basis. This will also allow the older processing plant to be dedicated solely to corn bagging.

Renk has seen strong growth with the advent of the biotech enhanced seed products that now make up 100 percent of its soybean sales, 85 percent of its corn sales and 10 percent of its alfalfa sales.

Renk has strong ties with the major biotech firms of Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow and BASF and is active in integrating their technologies into Renk product offerings.