In response to an E15 statement by AAA questioning the use of E15 gasoline, Bob Dinneen, president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), issued a statement blasting the AAA for being in the pocket of “Big Oil.”

“If AAA weren’t so deep in the Big Oil politics, they would stop manufacturing concern about the efficacy of ethanol blend use and report enthusiastically about ethanol’s consumer gasoline price savings. Their misplaced concern today, that E15 should be further tested before being offered for sale reflects a pathetic ignorance of EPA’s unprecedented test program before approving E15 for commercial use. The fact is E15 has been the most aggressively and comprehensively tested fuel in the history of the Agency. The miles driven on E15 equate to 12 round trips to the moon and back without a single failure, unless you want to count the deer that was killed on the test track!  E15 is a safe fuel, as evidenced by the fact auto manufacturers are now providing warranty coverage for it.”

Dinneen continued, “AAA’s antipathy toward ethanol is well known and tired. But when put in contrast to gasoline quality issues AAA continues to ignore, one has to wonder whose interest they’re truly trying to protect, consumers or oil companies? For years, refiners in vast swaths of the country have sold sub-87 octane fuel, which no auto company warranties today. Where’s AAA’s outrage and concern about that?”

“You would think in this struggling economy, AAA would support a domestic renewable fuel that reduced wholesale gasoline prices by a national average of $1.09 per gallon in 2011, according to an updated study authored by professors at the University of Wisconsin and Iowa State University. In the Midwest, savings were even greater at $1.69 per gallon.”

Dinneen concluded, “American consumers are looking for a choice when it comes to fueling their vehicles, and they now have one more domestic, renewable fuel option with E15. Ethanol has helped reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil by 45 percent in 2011 and is supporting more than 400,000 jobs across the country that can’t be outsourced. There is a lot to like about this high octane green fuel.”