ANKENY, IOWA — Remote display access so that someone in the office 40 miles away or even in a neighboring state 400 miles away can see an applicator’s display screen has become a nice feature for keeping applicators efficiently operating and scheduling a day’s workload. This access also has allowed repairs without a technician driving long distances while a unit sets idle.

Now, John Deere is offering this remote display access for more than ag retailers but also farmers to have on tractors and all types of self-propelled equipment equipped with a GreenStar 3 2630 display screen. As noted during the roll-out of this during a media event on the John Deere demonstration farm near Ankeny, the Remote Display Access will be helpful for operators to identify any problems, assist in navigating steps to resolve an issue or ensure correct settings and machine operation.

The Remote Display Access is part of the “growing suite of JDLink telematic products” being developed by John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group. The access is possible and compatible through most Web browsers.

Not new to many ag retailers and custom applicators, a remote access system, of which there are several brands on the market today, is a major improvement in managing a fleet of applicators and tender vehicles, as well as employees.

“The major benefit of Remote Display Access is the ability to give farm owners, managers and equipment dealers the ability to remotely view the display screen to see exactly what the operator sees in the cab to ensure that the equipment is operating correctly, provide training or to trouble shoot issues,” said Dave Mulder, product manager, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group. “Having remote access to this real-time information saves unnecessary trips to the field, improves service from dealers and increases the productivity of the equipment and field operations.”

John Deere equipment is coming with the system sensors, etc. installed for making the service functional when a GreenStar 3 230 display and JDLink Modular Telematices Gateway (MTG) hardware are in place. It is somewhat similar to an automobile being equipped for OnStar and the owner needing to pay an activation and service fee. A JDLink subscription with Remote Display Access is required for the John Deere equipment.

Fleet management is possible because Mulder noted multiple machines can be viewed at the same time and multiple remote users can view the same operator’s display when a “remote desktop sharing program is used.”