With hopes of surpassing last year's record-breaking attendance of 1,600 individuals from 18 countries, the Southwestern Fertilizer Conference officially opened registration for this year's premier networking event in San Antonio on July 19-23, announced SWFC Executive Director Pat Miller.

"There's a lot to be excited about this year -- both in the industry and at the conference," said Miller. "We've ramped up our technology and increased our meeting room capacity to accommodate the demand for even more networking and sales opportunities."

'Everyone's there because everyone's there' has become the Southwest's unofficial motto as the number of attendees -- upper level management and sales personnel representing fertilizer manufacturers, distributors, brokers and dealers -- has continued to grow. This success has enabled the SWFC to contribute substantial scholarships, grants and research funding to agriculture- and food-related charitable organizations. To date, the SWFC has made donations in excess of $170,000.

"Philanthropy is an important part of the SWFC," said Miller, who supports the all-volunteer leadership of the association. "We want to support our industry, both now and in the future, by funding research, the education of tomorrow?s agricultural leaders, and hunger-relief efforts, in general." 

Registration, accommodations, and reservations for suites and meeting rooms can be made on the SWFC's new website: http://www.swfertilizer.org/. In the coming weeks, more information will be posted about the top industry leaders confirmed to speak at the conference, the Annual Charity Golf Tournament and the special Spouses? Program. 

For more information about the conference, contact Pat Miller at 512-259-2118 or SWFC@SWFertilizer.org.