RapidEye, a global leader in high-resolution wide-area satellite coverage announced its contribution to Esri’s ArcGIS online platform. Users will now have access to RapidEye’s newly launched premium content services including RapidEye Mosaics, RapidEye Living Image Multispectral, and RapidEye Living Image Basemaps.

These products are now available through the user-friendly ArcGIS Marketplace which makes finding and buying premium content more convenient than ever before. The announcement of RapidEye's inclusion as an early adopter in the program was made by Esri’s President Jack Dangermond during the 2013 Esri User Conference plenary address in July, but is ready to go-live with its full range of features for US and Canadian customers.

“RapidEye has unparalleled capabilities for rapid revisit imaging and wide-area swath coverage with excellent ground sample resolution. In addition, the extensive RapidEye archive can now be leveraged through Premium Content Services and can be easily accessed by ArcGIS Online users” said Lawrie Jordan, Esri’s Director of Imagery.

“RapidEye will have added 5 billion square kilometers of imagery to its archive by January 2014 and is very pleased to make this wealth of content available to the Esri user community through the ArcGIS Marketplace”, said Ryan Johnson, CEO of RapidEye.

RapidEye’s premium content will be available from Sept. 18th for Esri users in the United States and Canada with an ArcGIS Online annual subscription. RapidEye Living Image content will provide consistently updated five meter multispectral and basemap (three-band, true color) imagery for any area of interest, whereas RapidEye Mosaics will make available a recent and seamless picture of full countries. For more information, visit http://marketplace.arcgis.com/