The Purdue University Center for Food and Agricultural Business will host “Structuring Decisions: Innovating through Turbulence” Sept. 11-13, 2012. 

This three day management education seminar focuses on introducing and illustrating tools to analyze company problems within the participants' industry. Participants will learn how to recognize new opportunities, clarify various alternatives, capitalize on time delay and manage the downside risk in business decisions. CEU and CCA credit is available.

This seminar is geared toward agricultural business leaders and managers. Faculty instructors Allan Gray and Mike Boehlje will use an agribusiness case study throughout the program to highlight:

Framework for Decision Making

  • Defining the problem
  • Setting objectives
  • Considering alternatives
  • Describing consequences
  • Identifying tradeoffs

Tools for Effective Decision Making

  • Identifying sources of uncertainty and alternative consequences (scorecarding and heat mapping)
  • Outlining critical variables and framing the decision (Scenario analysis and influence diagram)
  • Defining potential outcomes in financial terms (pay off matrices)
  • Making first choices, identifying gaps and gathering more information (decision trees)
  • Utilizing managerial flexibility in decision-making (real options)

Implementing the Decision

  • Learning from failure
  • Knowing when to kill a project
  • Aligning resources and avoiding traps in decision-making

There is a fairly large fee to participate. To see more details and to register click here. The early registration deadline has already passed.