Those supporting passage of Proposition 37 in California, the proposition to require labeling foods as being biotech or containing biotech ingredients, are using a highly questionable study about rats developing tumors from being fed biotech corn and/or Roundup herbicide.

Scientists who know the scientists involved in doing the French study are definite that the study is extremely flawed, especially because the lead scientist is a known activist and author against biotech crop production. The contention is that he is well paid to oppose biotech crops.

Russia, in a political move or a hidden agenda, declared it would immediately ban import of the Monsanto biotech corn involved in the French study.

“Across the world, there are heightening concerns about the health risks of eating genetically engineered foods,” said Proposition 37 Campaign Manager Gary Ruskin. “There is a giant question mark hanging over these foods and their health risks. For those of us in California, the case for labeling of genetically engineered foods has never been stronger.”

Turning to false science would seem to be a bad move by advocates of Proposition 37, especially since recent polling indicates the proposition has a big lead to be passed. It is being emphasized that food labeling quite similar to Proposition 37 is already a requirement in place in 50 other countries.