Precision Laboratories has released an update to its Mix Tank application, available immediately for download on iPhone and Android smartphones. Mix Tank 2.1 improves the already easy-to-use application and introduces new features to help applicators prevent tank mixing problems.

More details on the latest mobile application update are available online at

"We could not be happier with the impact Mix Tank has had on the agricultural community," said Jim Reiss, vice president, ag chemistries for Precision Laboratories.

"From the feedback, we're bringing users a lot of value. The enhancements in this update offer our users great flexibility to quickly select the products they use most frequently and helps growers and applicators make the most appropriate and effective tank mixing decisions."

As part of the latest update, Mix Tank 2.1 introduces "My Favorites" - a tool that allows users to select their most used crop protection products from more than 1,200 available. In addition, "Mixing Precautions" which alert users of a potential compatibility issue, is now more identifiable and appears only when a precaution exists.

"Feedback from the user community helped drive some of these changes, as did trends we're following in the agriculture industry" said Dan Ori, marketing manager for Precision Laboratories.

"In addition to these enhancements, we've been preparing for a significant update to Mix Tank that will launch later this year. We think users are going to really appreciate the future of the app."

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