There has been considerable interest in foliar fertilization, and with the unpredictability of the growing season ahead, this might be a consideration for growers to deliver inputs that will produce a healthier and higher yielding crop.

Precision Laboratories has released an animated video that demonstrates the role foliar nutrition plays in overall plant health. It also touts the benefits of Precision Laboratories’ Wuxal line of suspensions.

The video can be viewed on the Precision Laboratories Agriculture YouTube page:

“Growers can incorporate foliar nutrition as a best practice by taking advantage of other crop protection product applications,” said Terry Culp, vice president of Seed and Nutrient Chemistries at Precision Laboratories. “The animated video demonstrates this advantage and provides an in-depth look at how an effective foliar nutrient program can benefit different stages of a crop’s lifecycle.”

Vital nutrients can be delivered to the plant through the leaf’s surface, the company noted. Nutrient supply and uptake can be quick and effective, helping to compensate for macro- and micro-nutrient deficiencies caused by environmental and growth stresses that hinder plant health, the video explains.

Adjuvant packages enhance tank mixing with crop protection products to ensure that the nutrients are correctly mixed, delivered and absorbed.

“Foliar nutrition gives growers the capability to respond to unforeseen stresses in the environment by complementing a root feeding program with timely applications of foliar nutrients,” said Culp. Knowing how to assure that their plants are receiving the right nutrition throughout its development and reproductive stages should provide growers with peace of mind, Culp explained.