Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. (PotashCorp) last week released its ninth annual sustainability report, The Next Stage of Growth.

The report is an example of different versions of sustainability when it comes to corporate operations.

“As a company that operates with a long-term view, we believe our sustainability program is vital to the next stage of growth,” said PotashCorp President and CEO Bill Doyle. “While we see unprecedented opportunities ahead, our success depends on our ability to live up to the financial, environmental and social expectations of our stakeholders. This sustainability report is not just a measure of our progress; it is a roadmap that shows where we are going and how we intend to get there.”

In addition to five-year data charts, analysis, GRI reference tables and stories that illustrate key initiatives, the report documents the company’s performance in governance, economic, social and environmental areas.

The company provided highlight examples from the report:

• Achieving record-low injury rates

• A 189 percent increase in potash sales volumes

• Increased shareholders’ voice on executive compensation

• Spending $1.6 billion on potash expansions

• Purchasing 65 percent of goods and services locally

• Reaching the highest employee training rate in five years, and

• Increasing solid waste recycling by 80 percent.

The report is available online at www.potashcorp2010SR.com.