Several potash manufacturers tabled a number of potash projects in 2012 after potash supplies built up and demand waned China and India dragged their feet signing contracts. As a result, many manufacturers delayed their project, but now that both countries have inked their potash deals, companies around the world are looking to restart the projects that had been stalled.

One of the first companies to announce it was revisiting projects was BHP Billiton, which announced this week it would reconsider several “mega” projects after June 30, 2013. But BHP isn’t the only company. Below is a list of companies and an update as to their stage of development.


Legacy potash mine. Owned by K+S Potash Canada. $3.25 billion project. This will be the first Greenfield potash mine built in Saskatchewan in nearly 40 years.

Construction: Began in June 2012.

Production: To begin at the end of 2015.

Milestone potash mine. Owned by Western Potash. $2.8 billion project.

Construction: Could begin as early as mid-2013.

Production: Could be as early as 2016.

Jansen potash project. Owned by BHP Billiton. $12 billion project. Expected to become the world’s biggest mine.

Construction: Initially began in 2012.

Production: As early as 2013.


United States

Ochoa project. Owned by IC Potash. $706 million. New Mexico based sulphate of potash and sulphate of potash magnesia.

Production: Could begin as early as mid-2015.

Blawn Mountain. Owned by Potash Ridge. $1.3 billion. Project was mothballed 30 years ago, but has since been resurrected.

Status: Recently completed a preliminary economic assessment. In the prefeasibility phase.

Holbrook Basin project. Owned by Passport Potash. Aims to be Arizona’s first potash producer and the largest potash producer in the U.S. $1.95 billion

Status: Recently completed a preliminary economic assessment delineating resource estimates for both its Passport and Hopi properties. A pre-feasibility study is expected to be released at the end of 2013 and a feasibility study by the end of 2014.



Dallol potash project. Owned by Allana Potash. Is one of the most advanced potash projects.

Status: Feasibility study completed. Pre-construction to begin.