A company with international marketing of what they claim are alternative products to “harsh, toxic and dangerous chemicals” is marketing a product to address the spread of Goss’s wilt throughout the Corn Belt.

Procidic is a product that Greenspire Global is touting as a preventive for the disease showing up by applying it in furrow at planting. Procidic should then become part of a grower's regular preventive spraying practice by applying it over the top at least on or before V5 stage corn growth and follow up before the tasseling stage to provide the most effective prevention.

For infected fields a fall surface application is needed to “disinfect a field” and the spring in-furrow application as a follow-up prevention of the disease reoccurring.

“The company's research has shown Goss's wilt can remain within the field on infected stalk residues and trash. Similarly, the disease also increases the activity of other ailments such as Fusarium,” the Greenspire technical information reports.

The company explains Procidic by saying it is an EPA-approved broad spectrum bactericide and fungicide to stop bacterial and fungal diseases on crops, and it boosts plant health and disease defense. It also is noted as working systemically.

Greenspire Global says Procidic is being used in more than seven countries (primarily in fruit crops) to treat diseases caused by fungus and bacteria.

Product information and dealer contact information is at greenspireglobal.com.