It is nothing new that Texas rice growers dependent on the Colorado River are going to be without that river’s water for another year—a third year for most rice growers in the Bay City area of Texas.

But on Sunday, the Washington Times and Associated Press humanized reporting about the plight of the Savage family farming operation that will have to try and continue farming without river water to grow rice.

It was pointed out how dams were built in the past as authorized by the Lower Colorado River Authority for reservoirs and power generation, but the real problem in river water reaching farmers is the explosion of population in Eastern Texas near the river—one area being Austin, Texas, 100 miles from the rice farmers.

The AP reporter Matthew Tresaugue, wrote, “The river authority said it could not deliver water to farmers because of record low flows into the reservoirs. The lakes are now 38 percent full, meaning any release would threaten the water supply for more than 1 million people living in and around Austin, state officials said.”

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