Plant Health Care and Arysta LifeScience Corporation announced they have signed a product development and license agreement for use of Plant Health Care’s proprietary Harpin alpha beta technology with Arysta products.

Arysta LifeScience will develop and commercialize Harpin alpha beta in several crops and markets in combination with a number of Arysta LifeScience-brand foliar products. Sales of the first combination product are anticipated in the United States following registration in time for the 2014 use season.

Research demonstrates that use of Harpin in combination with triazole fungicides can make a significant contribution to the management of resistance to the strobilurin family of fungicide chemistry. The international Crop Protection Chemical Stewardship Organization’s Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) has identified strobilurin fungicides as being at “high risk” for the development of disease resistance.

Paul Schmidt, CEO of Plant Health Care, noted that the relationship with Arysta LifeScience promises a number of new products that will use Harpin alpha beta technology to offer plant health benefits and superior disease control. “This relationship marks a significant step forward for Plant Health Care and for United States farmers who will benefit from improved yields,” he said.

Wayne Hewett, president and CEO of Arysta LifeScience, commented that the two companies’ technologies have been validated in the United States corn and soybean market, and “Arysta LifeScience is focused on launching new products in the United States market in 2014 as well as developing the concept in a number of crops and countries.”

Commercial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.