Ag retailers selling seed and crop consultants have probably been drug into trying to help farmers estimate what their clients’ corn crops are going to yield, especially this year with the extreme drought.

DuPont Pioneer recently provided a link to their website page that provides a technique to estimate corn yield. It seems like a very complicated system with something like 18 steps to follow. I’m sure most seed salesmen and crop consultants have established their own system if they have been involved in the ag industry very long. But in case, because of the drought, a previously used system seems to be failing or not accurate enough, the link to the Pioneer system can be reached by clicking here.

Pioneer’s literature notes, “Corn yield estimations prior to harvest are helpful in planning harvest operations, including drying, storage and marketing of grain. They may also be useful in making preliminary hybrid selections and buying decisions for next year's crop, as seed-corn discounts are often greater with early purchases. Yield estimate accuracy increases with crop maturity, but early estimates provide more time for developing strategies to deal with the expected volume of grain, and also satisfy a grower's most basic curiosity - how is my corn crop going to do?”