The Phenom-Networks team has released an Android application, “PhenomApp,” which is an electronic data capture app for collecting plant observations in the field using your tablet or smartphone.

PhenomApp allows you to use your mobile device to conveniently enter observations data for customized traits. Both current and past observation information can be easily displayed to facilitate data comparison. Specimens’ images are captured and automatically matched with the corresponding observation.

PhenomApp replaces traditional pen-and-paper observation recording, boosting efficiency and productivity. This saves time and, importantly, reduces data entry errors. The application works “offline,” eliminating the need for a network connection, and can process CSV files as input and output.

The application is available on Google Play Store (click here or search "PhenomApp") and can be downloaded free of charge.

Want to learn more about what PhenomApp can do for you? Click here to watch a short introductory video, review a brief presentation, and check out our user manual.

To date, PhenomApp users have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback, and we are confident this application can improve your data collection and management.

Our team's goal is to help streamline a historically tedious process, so if you have ideas or suggestions to help further develop this application, please let us know.

Download PhenomApp here.