Obtaining a permit to establish an anhydrous ammonia fertilizer facility is no easy task in any state these days. J. B. Pearl Sales & Service LLC can attest to many steps that have to be completed from its experience in gaining a county permit in Shawnee County, Kansas.

The company lined up support in advance of going before the three-person county commissioner board. The commissioners did approve establishing storage and retail sale of anhydrous ammonia at the proposed site, but the commissioners naturally had specific conditions that have to be met, according to a report in the Topeka Captial-Journal newspaper.

J. B. Pearl Sales & Service had in-person support and explained the need for more NH3 storage to meet area farmer demand during the hearing. Three representatives of J.B. Pearl, four farmers and another member of the public talked in support of the company’s construction request.

The person living across the street from the proposed facility spoke in favor of giving the company the needed permit, but another neighbor couple less than 600 feet from the site spoke against the requested permit because of their safety concerns.

The St. Marys, Neb.-based J. B. Pearl Sales & Service is in the process of doubling its anhydrous ammonia storage sites by expanding its NH3 storage with two new facilities—one in Pottawatomie County and this one approved in Shawnee County, the Capital-Journal reporter Tim Hrenchir wrote from comments made by the owners Troy Pearl and J. B. Pearl. Two 30,000-gallon anhydrous ammonia tanks are being installed at the Shawnee County location.

County OKs anhydrous ammonia facility