Plant Sensory Systems, LLC (PSS) announced that PSS and Bayer CropScience have signed an exclusive license agreement in the field of improving nitrogen use efficiency and stress tolerance in wheat. Under the agreement, Bayer has exclusive worldwide rights for research and development to PSS’ proprietary Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Stress Tolerance (NUEST) technology in wheat. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The accelerating growth of the population has created a growing demand for food, feed, and fiber. This demand coupled with diminishing acreage planted in wheat necessitates an increase in wheat yield per acre of land. Nitrogen-based fertilizers, while associated with boosting wheat yields, are a major cost to wheat farmers and have high environmental costs. Wheat varieties that produce more seed with less nitrogen fertilizer would significantly reduce crop-production costs resulting in meaningful savings to farmers.

“PSS has demonstrated the ability of the NUEST technology to produce more seed with less nitrogen,”said Kathleen Turano, President of PSS. “Crops with the technology also have the ability to withstand extended periods of drought. Both traits would be very beneficial to wheat farmers and consumers. We are pleased to be partnering with Bayer, a global market leader who shares our commitment to improve agricultural performance in a sustainable manner.”