Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn recently said that Iowa and Illinois are not the only states pursuing a $1.1 billion fertilizer plant from Cronus Chemical LLC. Quinn told reporters that Cronus is still considering its options for building a new fertilizer facility, The Quad City Times reported.

“We still have a ways to go,” Quinn was reported as saying. “They have to make their decision. There are other states that are competing with us, and we have to put our best food forward.”

Quinn did not name the other competing states that are looking to lure the urea production facility.

Quad City Times reported that Cronus consultant John Kinnamon confirmed that other states could be in the running.

Illinois and Iowa began a bidding war for the fertilizer plant about seven months ago. Illinois offered a package of tax breaks for the company if it were to locate in Illinois. Iowa officials have not named any tax incentives for the company.

At this time, a deadline for the decision has not been mentioned. So, it remains unknown when Cronus will make its decision on where to locate its new fertilizer plant in the United States.