Just one-third of soybeans remain to be planted according the USDA’s Crop Progress report released June 6. Nationally 68 percent of soybeans are in the ground, compared to last week’s report of 51 percent and the five-year average of 82 percent. This is also 15 percentage points below last year’s pace.

Of the seven states reporting a higher percentage of planted soybeans than the national average,  Iowa (94 percent), Louisiana (93 percent) and Mississippi (93 percent) saw the highest percentage of planted soybeans.

Wisconsin once again reported the greatest improvement – 25 percentage points – from last week’s report.

Similar to its corn planting progress, Ohio continues to struggle with only 26 percent of soybeans in the ground.  Other states lagging include Kentucky (40 percent), North Dakota (47 percent) and Tennessee (46 percent)

Nationally 44 percent of soybeans have emerged, compared of last week’s report of 27 percent and 63 percent last year. This is 17 percentage points below the five-year average. Of the top 18 producing states, eight states are above the national average.

 Iowa (78 percent), Louisiana (88 percent) and Mississippi (87 percent) reported the highest percentages of emerged corn.  North Carolina and South Dakota saw 10 and nine percent of soybeans emerged, the lowest percentages reported.

One-third of soybeans left to be planted

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