Pioneer Hi-Bred will no longer be referred to as Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business. As of July 1, the Pioneer Hi-Bred name will become a historical footnote as the company is renamed DuPont Pioneer.

The company didn’t release an official news release although an explanation of the new name was provided. “DuPont Pioneer is an important element in extending DuPont's efforts in the agricultural and food industries. The change in the name reflects a joint mission to find solutions to ensure that the world's growing population has enough food.

“The new DuPont Pioneer name reflects this joint commitment, allowing DuPont and Pioneer to work closer together, strengthening their alignment publicly.

“The DuPont Pioneer goal remains the same - to provide the best products, services and information to help growers get the highest return on every acre they farm. Nothing in that commitment will change, and Pioneer remains an important brand as it has been for more than 85 years.

Although there is no easily found official history of Pioneer on the company Web site, the non-official history is that the predecessor to the current company was formed in 1926 when Henry A. Wallace, along with a group of Des Moines, Iowa, businessmen, founded the "Hybrid Corn Company".

There seems to have been confusion about the word Hi-Bred or Hybrid from day one. The company became known as Pioneer Hi-Bred shortly after it was created; the owners changed the name adding Pioneer to avoid confusion with other companies dealing with hybrid corn.  There have been other minor changes over the years, such as to Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., when the company moved to overseas sales.  And the most recent manifestation was Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, after the DuPont purchase.  Now it’s DuPont Pioneer.

The name change will be reflected in all communications and materials in the future.