Nutra-Flo, a leading provider of starter and foliar applied liquid fertilizers, has launched its new MicroSolutions micronutrients line of products. The MicroSolutions line of chelated micronutrients have the highest efficiency, which means growers can use less product per acre to achieve the same results as compared to non-chelated nutrients. Growers can blend MicroSolutions micronutrients with liquid fertilizer to help correct and/or prevent micronutrient deficiencies, which can be one of the largest stresses on crop growth and development.

"The MicroSolutions line will help growers correct the micronutrient deficiencies that their crops may have,”  said Raun Lohry, President of Nutra-Flo Company. “Not getting the right amount of certain micronutrients can really starve crops and reduces yield potential. Today’s high yields and stressful growing conditions can remove more nutrients than ever from the soil, and can render naturally occurring micronutrients temporarily unavailable when the plant needs them the most. Using the MicroSolutions line with starter fertilizer at planting time helps prevent these deficiencies."

Dennis Zabel, Nutra-Flo Agronomist added, "because essential crop functions are dependent on complex interactions between NPK and micronutrients, we need to consider Liebig's Law of the Minimum: Yields are limited by the nutrient in shortest supply. If a grower's goal is to improve fertilizer efficiency while growing more with less – they shouldn't  overlook the power of MicroSolutions micronutrients."

Available in 2.5 gallon jugs, 250 gallon totes or in bulk, the new MicroSolutions micronutrients are compatible with all types of fertilizers including 100% orthophosphates and many herbicides and insecticides. The chelated micronutrients available are: Copper (7.5%), Calcium (3%), Boron (10% not chelated), Iron (4.5%), Manganese (6%), Zinc (6% and 9%), RGS (Nutra-Flo's zinc ammine acetate product, chemically identical to ACA) and specialty mixes designed for specific crop types such as corn, and soybeans.  MicroSolutions are available through the Nutra-Flo network of dealers for sale immediately.

Why use a chelated micronutrient? The molecular structure in EDTA chelates protects zinc, manganese, calcium, copper and iron from ‘tie-up’ in the soil and makes the micronutrient available to plants and ensures maximum effectiveness.