Novozymes BioAg is expanding its portfolio of biocontrol products with the introduction of MET52.

MET52 is utilizing Metarhizium, a pathogenic fungus for the effective control of thrips, mites, whiteflies and vine weevils in greenhouse ornamentals, and protected vegetables.

Metarhizium anisopliae is a naturally occurring fungus found in soils worldwide. Met52 is a contact bioinsecticide with a unique mode of action; spores germinate on the insect surface and hyphae invade and kill susceptible insects.

MET52 has no chemical residue and little potential for resistance, making it valuable for inclusion in an Integrated Pest Management program.

Dorn Severtson, U.S. Sales Manager says, "MET52 provides growers with an excellent resistance management tool when used in rotation with traditional chemistries.The real power of MET52 is its ability to effectively control three common resistance-prone threats — thrips, mites and whiteflies. It's the most powerful biological tool on the market."

MET52 is available in two formulations:

  • MET52 EC — spores of the fungus are suspended in emulsifiable oil suitable for spraying through standard chemical spraying equipment or for drenching into the soil.
  • MET52 G — Granular formulation of spores on rice granules.