North Dakota flooding is peaking again and putting farmers without a choice to plant crops. Farmers will need to accept either prevented acre planting payments or disaster benefits because fields will never reach maturity if planted this late in the year.

The worst flooding is in the Minot area which put parts of the city under 15 feet of flood water. Rains forecast over the weekend scared residents of adding even more flooding, but by Sunday, the flood was starting to slowly recede. The Minot flood waters are from upstream drainage and Canadian reservoir releases that eventually go into the Souris River.

North Dakota flooded acres are estimated to cause prevented planting of 6.3 million acres under the federal crop insurance program, according to the Farm Service Agency estimate as of June 21. Claims for prevented planting and disaster benefits will eclipse historic levels, it has been estimated. The previous record for prevented planted acres in North Dakota is 3.9 million acres in 1999.