Corn hybrid trials in Illinois have been harvested, and results are showing Non-GMO corn hybrids performing as well or better than GMO corn hybrids, according to a news release from Spectrum Premium Non-GMO seed company.

The Spectrum non-GMO hybrids used in University of Illinois testing cited by Spectrum produced three to 10 more bushels per acre when compared to nationally known GMO corn hybrids. Trial details for the northern region of Illinois can be seen at

“These regional data summaries are evidence that farmers now have the opportunity to lower input costs and effectively increase profitability with the use of Non-GMO corn hybrids,” according to Spectrum. What is not clarified in the news release is the cost of planting a non-GMO hybrid if insecticides are needed to control rootworms or corn borers.   

"In addition to competitive yield performance, our aim is to exceed seed purity demands from grain producers as well as grain users across the country who are trying to reach a fast growing consumer market for food products derived from non-GMO sources," said company Sales Manager Roger Rudolph.

Spectrum Premium Non-GMO is an independent brand of genetically improved corn seed sold in 38 states. The company is based in Linden, Ind., and was founded by Scott Odle. He claims the company has hybrid genetics completely different than those of major seed companies.