Old Bridge Chemicals announced the completion of its granular zinc sulfate production facilities in Old Bridge, N.J. Old Bridge Chemical's new zinc sulfate granular production plant was designed with the latest state of the art equipment available. This enables Old Bridge Chemicals to produce granular zinc sulfate in the most efficient and pure manner. The new plant is also constructed to be environmentally friendly or "Green." This new technology will alleviate appreciable traces of impure elements.

Old Bridge Chemical's zinc sulfate is for use in the manufacturing of mixed fertilizers, animal feed supplements and other industrial uses.

"This is another milestone in our company's mission to make superior products", says Joel Bzura, executive vice president "We have always focused on the needs of our customers and the marketplace, and provided the highest quality chemicals. We are constantly looking to the future, and how to make the industry better, easier and worry free."

Old Bridge Chemicals is the largest manufacturer of copper and zinc compounds and solutions in the United States. The company was founded in 1962 and all products are manufactured in its New Jersey facility. Old Bridge Chemicals produces a variety of inorganic chemicals including copper sulfate (both liquid and crystal), copper carbonate, tri-basic copper sulfate, zinc chloride, zinc sulfate (both liquid and powder), zinc orthophosphates and phosphoric acid.