Soybean aphids can cause significant damage and lower yield potential on their namesake crop. It’s no surprise, then, that soybean farmers will spray for peace of mind and ‘insurance’ when even a few of these bugs are sighted.

But growers and their consultants can save on time, money, and pesticides by following economic thresholds and using key biological controls.

This is the idea behind some key applied research conducted through a North Central Soybean and Research Program (NCSRP) grant led by Kelley Tilmon, Associate Professor and Soybean Extension Entomologist at South Dakota State University.

The key findings and recommendations from this NCSRP project are now available through three easy-to-follow, open-access webcasts produced by the Plant Management Network (PMN), a nonprofit publisher of crop management information.

These webcasts are targeted at growers, consultants, and other practitioners in the upper Midwest, where soybean aphids are often an issue. They are available 24/7 and viewable on PC, Mac, and mobile devices. They include…

Host Plant Resistance for Soybean Aphid” by Dr. Erin Hodges, Associate Professor and Extension Entomologist at Iowa State University. Through this webcast, users can learn about host plant resistance for soybean aphid, as well as the benefits of using host plant resistance to reduce aphid numbers and protect soybean yields.

Soybean Aphid Management Using Neonicotinoid-Treated Seed” by Dr. Christian Krupke, Associate Professor and Extension Field Crops Entomologist at Purdue University. This webcast helps practitioners assess the relative value of seed treatments in soybean aphid management. Krupke covers many aspects, including the duration of seed treatments’ effectiveness, their effects on non-target beneficial pests, yield data, and comparisons to the standard IPM approaches of monitoring and treatment.

Update on Soybean Aphid Biological Control” by Dr. Thelma Heidel-Baker, Postdoctoral Research Associate and Extension Coordinator at Iowa State University. This webcast covers the different biological control options for soybean aphid management. It also offers details on the beneficial insects that provide this control. Heidel-Baker also informs viewers about current and ongoing research projects to improve the use of biological control for this pest.

All three webcasts are permanently open access and can be found in the ‘Grant Outreach Webcasts’ section of ‘Focus on Soybean’, PMN’s webcast resource, located at

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