Field to Market, The Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, launched a new and updated version of its Fieldprint Calculator at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting.

The Fieldprint Calculator was first released in 2009 to help growers assess their corn, wheat, soybean, cotton and rice operations in terms of land use, soil conservation, soil carbon, water use, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

The online tool is interactive, allowing growers to input their data and see how they compare to other, similar operations. The new version of the Fieldprint Calculator was improved based on recommendations from growers and to incorporate new data, including from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

The update is aiming to make the Calculator’s results more accurate and consistent while also making the tool easier for individuals to use.

Growers can now compare their Fieldprint to similar operations across the county, state and nation, through comparisons and scenario-based options. Other new features allow growers to include crop rotations, calculate soil carbon and analyze cost savings for on-farm decisions through a budgeting function.

The new version of the Calculator is undergoing several pilot projects supported by Field to Market members to test the new features with corn, wheat and rice growers.

The Calculator was originally developed to help accelerate environmental gains made within the farm gate and to help demonstrate those practices outside the farm gate. It is the hallmark effort of the Field to Market coalition, which includes participants from commodity groups like NAWG, agribusinesses, universities, major food companies and environmental groups.

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