After many years of developmental work, Blue River Hybrids is now offering a powerful new tool to combat GMO contamination in corn: PuraMaize!

Developed through traditional selective breeding, the PuraMaize gene blocking system impedes GMO fertilization by strongly favoring its own PuraMaize pollen. Highly effective in protecting corn from GMO field drift, PuraMaize delivers you peace of mind by preserving the non-GMO status of your grain.

PuraMaize has been thoroughly tested over multiple years. In side-by-side field tests with GMO corn, PuraMaize either eliminates or virtually eliminates contamination. Blue River Hybrids has conducted three years of replicated testing at 20 locations, with consistently positive and reliable results.

For the 2012 planting season, we will be selling PuraMaize hybrids in the 101 to 114 day range that perform well under organic farming conditions. Quantity is limited.

To read more about PuraMaize, read the Q & A Fact sheet