Meeting food and fiber demands during the next 30-50 years will require increased productivity from finite natural resources, while balancing demands for environmental protection and social benefit. It will also require farmers around the world to use the latest available agricultural technology.

Context has developed "Global Crop Production Systems and Technology: An assessment of top producing countries in Corn, Cotton, Soybeans, and Canola."

Context developed this study to provide a comparative assessment of a country's use of technology to successfully enhance the sustainable production of key field crops at a macro-level. This study is intended to take a high level look at each country and compare their production capabilities.

For each major crop and country combination, a panel of Context experts has rated these countries as high, medium, and low, for the technology categories of Agronomic Practices, Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, based on the interpretation of a number of factors, data points and expert experience.

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